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Kaiser Aetna


Kaiser Aetna on Bill Ernst

"These are exciting rimes for the real estate industry. The environment is demanding, invigorating and filled with challenges. The performance of Bill Emst with Kaiser Aetna over a period of three years was outstanding.”

"In the development business, it's difficult to find professionals who have the ability to perceive the totality and complexity of the development process. Bill Emst is that rare individual who gives as much emphasis to the end of the process as the beginning, adhering to the details of each step between.”

As a result of Bill's knowledge, abilities and professional approach, the profit on each project he developed for Kaiser Aetna met or exceeded our profit budgets. "

Richard R. Ellsworth 
Vice President & General Manager Kaiser AETNA 
Commercial Development Division

Mr. Ellsworth was later on staff as a Fellow with Harvard University, now residing in California and on staff at Stanford University.

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